For Tuesday, Week 3

Happy Monday!

My apologies for the inevitable adjustments we have to make when class is cancelled, but I’m hopeful we can get back on track with minimal pain or confusion.

For class on Tuesday, read Chapter 4 of Understanding and “Analyzing Multimodal Projects.” (I know you haven’t had much time with the last one, so just read as much as you are able. It is a very important reading for our next big project, though, so you will want to spend quality time with this article at some point.)

Remember to bring at least three talking points to class! We have lots of material to cover (Chapters 3 and 4) which offers us a wealth of discussion topics.

Skim through some of these websites, and spend some time reading the one that most speaks to you:

FYI, our textbook has an online component as well with a ton of helpful links:

In your blog post this week, briefly describe the website you will be analyzing for Project #2 and your initial impressions of it. Since last week did not go as planned, we will start working on this post in class on Tuesday, and then all the blog posts will be due on Thursday of this week.

See you in the morning!

P.S. My new electric kettle arrived, so I’ll bring that to class along with a selection of teas and hot chocolate. Feel free to bring your own mug.


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