Notes for Class, Wk 3 – Tue

Ch. 3 – Hyperreading and Hyperwriting

Example of many of the benefits of hyperwriting/reading:

  • Benefits? Drawbacks?
  • Where does accuracy fit into this picture?
  • Who determines what gets on this page and what does not get on this page?

An academic example:

  • How can hyperlinking disrupt the linear structure of an academic text?

“Our Digital Lives” podcast episode: Segments 1-4 of the podcast deal with our online lives.

  • Where were some of the most interesting or infuriating things you heard on the first four segments?
  • Are you beginning to notice any patterns across our different course materials—what common themes are you noticing?
  • What is your response to these themes—agree, disagree?
  • Do you see any binaries that need to be challenged?
  • Are there any perspectives being left out of the conversation?

Ch. 4 – Multimodality

Logic of visual communication: must be aware of

  1. The affordances and constraints of text and images
  2. How to design for the visual space of the screen
  3. How image and text can be combined to make meaning

(Note the section on storyboarding; we will use this as a resource for the video project.)

“Analyzing Multimodal Projects”: In pairs, focus on particular elements, prep a quick lesson on it, and then “teach” each other.

                             2                                                          4                              5

Author                  purpose               audience             genre                    context
Emphasis             contrast               organization       alignment            proximity

What is it? How does it help us design documents effectively?

Reference the sources linked here (as well as in the previous post):

Assign community partners. Use the questions on p. 53 to do a “quick take” of your organization’s website. Link to spreadsheet.

For Thursday

Watch these short videos: Marshall McLuhan on the TODAY Show 1976 and NExTWORK: Kevin Kelly

Spend some time exploring the projects on and

Prepare to share about one or two that capture your attention and the affordances and constraints in comparison to a conventional academic article like “Digital Rhetoric.”


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