For Thursday, Week 6

First, a friendly reminder. It’s always a good idea to go back to the Assignment sheet (located at the end of the syllabus) to make sure you haven’t forgotten any key points before turning in your assignment. Key elements I’ll be looking for in your analysis are:

  1. evidence that you understand and have applied design concepts from class in your assessment of the effectiveness of the website;
  2. that you use the design terms from class accurately and appropriately (not shoe-horned in),
  3. that you demonstrate an awareness of the needs of the target audience(s) and how the website can best address those needs.
  4. that the analysis offers specific recommendations and examples of suggested changes. Instead of saying, “It must be designed this way,” you could say, “Here are three possible options for organizing these pages more effectively.”


In class on Thursday we will wrap up the final moments of the Abstract documentary and discuss memorable points. (Her observations about the timeline of a meeting are on-point and a general life lesson well worth remembering!)

Then each person will be given 2-3 minutes to share their analysis with the group. You can use the projector if you like. NOTE: In addition to uploading your Word doc to eLearn, copy and paste your analysis into the designated page on your WordPress site. To insert images, you will need to click on the encircled plus sign at the left end of the toolbar to start the process of importing images to your media library. From there, follow the directions to insert them into your page (just like you did for your About Me headshot).

After projects have been shared, we will each brainstorm and draft a transmittal email to the community partner and send them the analysis. Please cc me and Maggie Baker on your email.

Finally, we will spend some time getting our feet wet in HTML/CSS basics. This won’t automatically turn you into a web design wizard, but it will familiarize you with the coding process for making simple customizations on websites.

See you then!


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