For Tuesday and Thursday, Week 10

Tuesday: Bring a paper copy of your storyboard and script (on separate sheets of paper so two people can read each section at once) to class. Before class, think about what kinds of feedback would be most helpful for you.

Thursday: Read Chapter 7 of Understanding Digital Literacies.

If you have time, check out “Most Students Don’t Know When News Is Fake”.

“The Filter Bubble” is listed on the syllabus, but we’ve already watched it. Of course, nothing is stopping you from watching it again if you really want to. 🙂

Reading/writing prompt: These readings deal with the ideology* implicit in the digital messages we consume and the platforms on which the information is shared. As you read, think about “Nosedive” and the ideologies that are embedded in the use of technology in the film. What are the social and material consequences of those ideologies? What lessons can we learn from being aware and conscious of the ideologies embedded in technologies?

In class we’ll finish watching “Nosedive” and then discuss how Chapter 7 helps us interpret and rhetorically analyze it.

*What is ideology? Ideology is defined here as the ideas, values, beliefs, perceptions, and understandings that are known to members of a society and that guide their behaviors; typical ways of thinking about the world [that] help shape human action.


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