For Tuesday, Week 12

Read “The Psychology of the Internet Troll” and “Digital Ethics”

Listen to Act 1 of “If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say…” (podcast version, bleeped version available here) OR “What Happened When I Confronted My Cruelest Troll” (article version)

Use one or more of these questions as a jumping off point in your blog post (unless you wrote your post before seeing this).

  • What is your response to these discussions of online trolling?
  • Should trolls be protected under the First Amendment (freedom of speech) or should there be limits?
  • How do you, as an individual, beat a troll?
  • How do we, as a culture, beat trolls?
  • If you were to add a section to “Digital Ethics” on how to respond to trollish behavior, what main points would you include?

Review the following articles. If you were adding a section to “Digital Ethics” about responding to trolls, what would that section say?


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