Author: NClark

For Tuesday, Week 15

Almost there, folks!

We will start class on Thursday at 8:30. Come prepared to talk through the revisions you made to your website. We will also take some time for the course survey and prepare for the final.

NOTE: If you already have a professional website, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Instead, you could remediate your course site to do something else–feature an off-beat hobby or interest or something else that will feel more fresh and new to you.


For Tuesday, Week 15

On Tuesday we will have a guest speaker, Colin Lyons, who is a Grant Wood fellow this year at the University of Iowa. His artistic projects are a fascinating intersection between topics we have been talking about in the past few weeks: technology, creativity, and the development of a professional identity online. On Tuesday, he will talk with us about his work as well as invite your questions for further discussion.

Before class, visit Colin’s website at Bring two questions to class that you would like to ask him about his work and/or his website.

Also read Chapter 12 and the Afterword of Understanding Digital Literacies and read “Professional Writing and the Rise of the Amateur.”

If you prefer, instead of writing a typical blog post, you can instead post a quote, a question, or a comment about the readings.

BONUS READ (Because we’re not creeped out enough already, right?): Facebook Is Developing Technology That Lets You Type Directly From Your Brain

For Tuesday, Week 14

Due: Project 3 – Video

Post your video (or a link to it) on your blog and prepare to share it with the class along with your group’s commentary on the changes you made since showing the first draft in class.

If we have time, we will also start brainstorming for your Post Production Reflection.

For Thursday, Week 13

Read Chapters 10 and 12 in Understanding and “The Iron Cage.”

If you have time, check out some of the visualization websites that seek to give you a better understanding of your own social networks.

We’ll finish screening Hated in the Nation and discuss connections between it and our readings. The final draft of your video is due Tuesday, May 2nd. (May?! It’s almost May already?)