Course Schedule


Date In Class Before Class
Wk 1 Jan. 31 Introduction: Overview of Projects
Feb. 2 “Mediated Me”

Defining key terms: multimodal, new media, and digital composing



Read Chapter 1 of Understanding Digital Literacies and “Digital Rhetoric: Toward an Integrated Theory.” Also read

“Twenty Things I Learned about the Web.” (While none of us are newcomers to the web, most of us don’t really think about what it actually IS.)

In your blog post this week, discuss your own history with blogging—have you followed a blog, hosted a blog, or used a blog in previous classes?

Wk 2 Feb. 7 “Information Everywhere”


Ethics of Digital Media: Accessibility

Read Chapter 2 of Understanding Digital Literacies and “Introduction to Web Accessibility.” Skim “Designing for Inclusion” as a resource to return to later.
Feb. 9 “Hyperreading and Hyperwriting”


Assign design choices for Tuesday.

Read Chapter 3 of Understanding and

“Negotiating Virtual Spaces: Public Writing”

“Our Digital Lives” (A podcast for your listening pleasure as you build your site.)
Due: Project 1 – WordPress Site

Wk 3 Feb. 14 “Multimodality and Analysis”



Read Chapter 4 of Understanding and accompanying online texts and “Analyzing Multimodal Projects” (to be provided) and review Document Design.
In your blog post this week, briefly describe the website you will be analyzing for Project #2 and your initial impressions of it.
Feb. 16 Understanding Digital Rhetoric and its Metaphors



Watch these short videos: Marshall McLuhan on the TODAY Show 1976 and NExTWORK: Kevin Kelly

Spend some time exploring the projects on and

Prepare to share about one or two that capture your attention and the affordances and constraints in comparison to a conventional academic article like “Digital Rhetoric.”

Wk 4 Feb. 21 Who is Composing Digital Media?


Prompts for Project 2




A Long Series of Short Articles
Does it matter who is composing digital media and how they are characterized? Why?
“‘Hidden Figures’: How Black Women Did the Math That Put Men on The Moon”Short Take: Hidden Figures – The People Behind The Story You Know“‘Hidden Figures’ a Hit”

“When Women Stopped Coding”

“A Teenager’s View of Social Media”

“An Old Fogey’s Analysis of a Teenager’s View of Social Media”

Feb. 23 Peer Review of Project 2 Due: First Draft of Project 2
Wk 5 Feb. 28 “Online Language and Social Interaction” Read Chapter 5 of Understanding and

“Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture” (Jenkins) Skim pp. 5-22 and then focus on two of the skills in the “Core Media Literacy Skills” section. Why are they important? How would you like to see them emphasized more in schools?

Mar. 2 “Attention Structures”


Read Chapter 6 of Understanding and “The Binge Breaker” (read the article or listen to the audio version)
 Wk 6 Mar. 7 Visual Rhetoric


“Understanding Comics” (McCloud; this is a long one, so choose one section that interests you and focus on that.)


“Multimodal Polyphony: Analysis of a Flash Documentary”


“If They Gunned Me Down”

In your blog post this week, reflect on connections between the readings today and our readings on accessibility. What are possible ethical considerations of visual design?

Mar. 9 Speed Sharing  Presentations
Conference Sign-Up
Due: Final Project 2 – Multimodal Analysis
Wk 7 Mar. 14 Ethics of Digital Media: Ownership and Copyright Listen to “Aggregation and Ownership In The Digital Wild West” and read Bound by Law? Tales from the Public Domain (graphic novel)
Mar. 16 Intro to Project 3:


Read “Remediation and Remix” and watch

Everything is a Remix Remastered (2015 HD)

Where do you see remediation in pop culture? What is happening rhetorically in your examples? (I.e., what’s the implicit argument?) What texts could you remediate to make a particular argument?

Wk 8 Mar. 21 Conferences Due: Proposal/pitch for Project 3
Mar. 23 Rhetorical Circulation


Mid-semester survey.

“Kevin Allocca: Why Videos Go Viral”
“The Six Things That Make Stories Go Viral”
“The Secret Strategies Behind Many ‘Viral’ Videos”
(Don’t miss the comments and the follow-up post.)“Writing Ecologies, Rhetorical Epidemics” (Seas)“Why Spreadable Doesn’t Equal Viral” (Jenkins)
Wk 9 Mar. 28 Resources for Designing Your Project



Read “Copyright, IP, and Creative Commons Resources” and “Digital Video” (Morey)
Mar. 30 “Collaboration and Peer Production” Read Chapter 11 of Understanding and “Digital Editing” (Morey)
Wk 10 Apr. 4 Workshop storyboards and scripts. Due: Storyboard and scripts for Project 3
Apr. 6 “Critical Literacy” Read Chapter 7 of Understanding and “Most Students Don’t Know When News Is Fake” and watch “The Filter Bubble”
Wk 11 Apr. 11, 13 Easter Break – no class
Wk 12 Apr. 18 Working on Videos:
share your video with two other groups without any explanation. Allow them to comment and ask questions.
Due: First Draft of Video

In your blog post this week, choose one of the videos you reviewed in class. Write a summary and then a critique. What parts could be edited or improved? Which sections might need to be redubbed or what graphics or text might help make the remediation clearer?

Apr. 20 “Online Cultures and Intercultural Communication” Read Chapter 8 of Understanding and listen to “Tech’s Moral Reckoning” (podcast)


Wk 13 Apr. 25 Ethics of Digital Media: Online Citizenship Read “The Psychology of the Internet Troll”
“Digital Ethics”“If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say…” (Act 1) (podcast version) OR “What Happened When I Confronted My Cruelest Troll” (article version)Jon Ronson selection
Apr. 27 “Social Networking” and “Digital Literacies at Work” Read Chapters 10 and 12 in Understanding and skim “The Iron Cage”
Wk 14 May 2 Video Showcase Due: Project 3 – Video
May 4 Screening: The Secret Rules of Modern Living: Algorithms Due: Project 3 – Post Production Questionnaire/Reflection

Read “Robot-Proof” Yourself and “Racist Algorithms”

Wk 15 May 9 “Mediated Me” Read Afterword in Understanding and

“Professional Writing and the Rise of the Amateur”

May 11 Speed Sharing Revised Sites Due: Project 4 – WordPress Site Redesign and Rationale
Wk 16 May 15

Final at 10:15 AM -12:15 PM